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Letter from the owner

Thank you very much for your interest in our Estate in Negara.

We are building since nearly 5 years on our Estate in Negara, the first plans and visions for this project started around 7 years ago. Now we are finished. I just renovated the big Gudang (Indonesian for “storage”) and built another terrace in front of the kitchen. Now we are ready. I am a builder in Germany and know about how to construct quality buildings and I tried to implant my knowledge also in the buildings in Negara, to guarantee a German quality building, so far this is possible with the workers we and the contractor could hire.

We invested around 3,4 Mio. US $ in that project. We had a great time at the Estate and it is priceless to live there! With my horses and my dogs I loved it to have Quarantine there and still we sometimes are thinking if this is the right decision to sell, because many wealthy families from America are looking for a hideaway like this now. We don’t know what the future brings us.

Included are also two cars. A super comfortable Hyundai Royale and a Suzuki carry pickup, which is modified with special wheels and more light. There is a Yamaha Wave runner jet ski, two Kawasaki ATV beach vehicles that we use also for flattening the horse arena. There is also a Jaling Motorbike pickup, which is used by the gardeners and also transporting the grass for the horses from a nearby 25 are field, which I rented for 12 years.

Also included in the investment is a collection of Ballet photos in big dimensions from the German artist Bernd Uhlig, who recently exhibited in the „Helmut Newton Museum“ in Berlin – a highlight for his career. The collection has now a value of around 60.000 Euros.

The house is equipped with more than one kilometer of LAN cables, so there can be cameras installed everywhere (there are already around 9). There are 8 access points for wifi and in all sleeping rooms, LAN cable for television and music, as well as in the family room upstairs. Beach houses and stable also have LAN cable.

The sound system is covering the whole living- and pool area and is done by Yamaha music cast sound system. This system can be controlled by an app with any mobile device. It includes 4 amplifiers, 6 high-end outdoor speakers, 10 ceiling speakers and several Yamaha music cast loudspeaker boxes. The whole network is controlled by Unifi Network from Ubiquity. This brand is now state of the art for network communication. I just got a brand-new Dream machine router, which will be installed in the near future. This router has a build in hard disk, which can store all activities seen by the cameras.

There is a server in the office, which covers more than 3000 movies. With the Plex System, these movies can be seen in every room or with mobile devices by wifi. We also used Netflix and other online services when we want to make a movie evening.

The house is now equipped by a professional gym, which we bought in Jakarta. This gym was not there, when we did the photo shooting.

We decorated the house with a mix of German and English furniture, but we also made some furniture in Jepara (Java) with my own design. The 7 meter dinning table with chairs is done in Indonesia, in a classic-contemporary design, as well as the bedrooms. All tableware is imported from Europe, we have plates in all sizes, all fit together, all for minimum 40 persons. We have Crystal glasses for white and red wine, water and sparkling wine. If you like I can include a full set of silver cutlery as well. We have a lot of Chafing Dishes, big plates – some also in silver, for catering or buffets. We loved to make nice invitations.

So, I think, that all for now, to get an idea of what is included. Everything is very nice and stylish. I used to work in the fashion industry for many years and my hobby and lifestyle still reflects this.

All the best,

Jörg Starke

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