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Jörg Starke

Jörg Starke is a German philanthropist and founder of the Starke foundation. He has a demonstrated history of working in the fine art industry. Jörg is skilled in photography, contemporary art, art education, painting, and gallery administration. He is a strong business development professional with a diploma in economics from Freie Universität Berlin

Message from the Owner

Thank you for your keen interest in our Negara Estate.

Our journey in developing this Estate began nearly seven years ago, and after five years of construction, our vision has now come to fruition. We recently finished renovating the spacious Gudang (the Indonesian term for ‘storage’) and added an inviting terrace in front of the kitchen. As a professional builder in Germany, I’ve ensured that the construction of our buildings in Negara reflects the same high-quality German craftsmanship that I am known for, as much as the local workforce and contractor we hired could facilitate.

We have invested approximately $3.4 million USD into this extraordinary project. The times spent at the Estate have been simply invaluable! Alongside my horses and dogs, even quarantine periods were a joy to experience in such a serene environment. Selling the estate is a decision we frequently reconsider, especially as many affluent American families are currently seeking such tranquil sanctuaries.

Additionally, the Estate comes with a significant collection of large-scale ballet photographs by renowned German artist Bernd Uhlig. Recently exhibited at the Helmut Newton Museum in Berlin – a crowning achievement in his career – this collection is valued at approximately €60,000.

The Estate is comprehensively wired with over a kilometer of LAN cables for potential camera installations. We have already installed about nine cameras, and the property features eight wifi access points and LAN cabling for TV and music in every bedroom and the family room upstairs. The beach houses and stables are also equipped with LAN cables.

The integrated Yamaha MusicCast sound system spans the entire living and pool area. Controlled via a mobile app, this system includes 4 amplifiers, 6 high-end outdoor speakers, 10 ceiling speakers, and several Yamaha MusicCast speaker boxes. The entire network is managed by the cutting-edge Unifi Network from Ubiquity. We are planning to install a brand-new Dream Machine router that comes with an in-built hard disk to store all the footage from the cameras.

The property now also features a professional gym, purchased in Jakarta, which was not present when the photos were taken.

The Estate is adorned with a harmonious blend of German and English furniture, along with some custom pieces designed by myself and crafted in Jepara (Java). The grand 7-meter dining table and chairs, crafted in a classic-contemporary Indonesian style, and bedrooms also reflect this aesthetic. We’ve imported all tableware from Europe, sufficient for at least 40 persons. Our collection includes crystal glasses for a variety of beverages and an extensive range of plates. We can also include a complete set of silver cutlery, and we have numerous chafing dishes and large plates, some in silver, for catering or buffets. Hosting elegant events has always been our pleasure.

Hopefully, this gives you a better idea of what’s included. I have worked in the fashion industry for several years, and my experience is reflected in the stylish and elegant environment we’ve created here.

Best regards,

Jörg Starke

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